The Mission of JETS Inc. is to help improve the quality of indoor living through delivery of essential ecosystem services, such as clean air, food and water.

We are an Environmental Technology Company specializing in the Management of Resources and Mitigation of Indoor Pollution through the use of multiple and more effective Air Sanitizers and commercial cleaning equipment that is enhanced with the addition of UVC light and Ionizers.

Our different appliances and commercial cleaning equipment utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) technology through the use of sensors, Laser Radar Navigation, computers, cell phones and existing Wi-Fi. A technology vital to the automation of businesses and the set up of smart homes.

We offer Time and Material Consulting Services on Indoor Pollution Mitigation to retail stores, restaurants, schools, libraries, malls, theaters, stadiums, private and government establishments. Our services include the design and installation of Integrated systems of Air Sanitizers, Purifiers, and HEPA filters based on the client’s needs and requirements.


The Vision of the Company is to expand to a full blown Environmental Technology Company specializing in the management of resources and mitigation of indoor pollution.

In order to realize this vision, the Company strives to maintain consumer satisfaction and attract additional consumers within the Company’s targeted marketplace by creating value for them through a wide variety of highly effective air purifiers and commercial cleaning equipment at a great price. The Company seeks to innovate new and in-demand air sanitization ideas, grow profits through innovative management and work toward expansion through new market segments.


Keeping in line with the Mission of the Company, JETS Inc. values integrity, transparency and excellence in all aspects of our business. These values allow the Company to build trust and loyalty with consumers and shareholders, creating a foundation for the successful future of the Company.

Business Model

The JETS Inc. Business Model consists of a multi-source revenue model. The Company anticipates deploying a marketing and advertising campaign across a variety of market channels, which supports the following business model implementation.

Equipment Leasing

JETS Inc. provides leasing our equipment through our partnership with Brickhouse Capital. Leasing our equipment allows customers to acquire our products with a smaller up-front payment followed by monthly payments.

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