Tito Bautista

Founder and CEO

Tito Bautista, the CEO and founder of JETS INC., brings over 40 years of professional experience in the strategic planning and integration management of an organization. After six years of retirement, Tito returned to corporate life during the start of the pandemic with a vision of building a fully virtual company to help improve the quality of indoor living and workplaces by providing innovative air purification systems and sanitizing equipment utilizing IoT technology.

Prior to founding JETS INC., Tito served as COO at Web Deposition, Inc. and President of TechSite America / CMG Systems, where he specialized in Business and Finance in the Information Technology Industry. His career highlights include: the design and implementation of a cloud-based SaaS application for the Legal Industry which enabled remote participation in a live deposition; initiated the automation of the Philippine Bureau of Customs in conjunction with the United Nations Development Programme, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hewlett-Packard, and SGS Switzerland for certification of Global Traded Products; and introduced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Systems in the Philippines. He also consulted for 35 years for companies such as AT&T, General Electric (GE), NBC Universal, Mercedes Benz USA Corporate, Metropolitan Life (MetLife), and Travelers Insurance.

A major in Business Administration at De La Salle University, and Computer Systems Design and Analysis at Chubb Institute. Tito’s vision of success for the company’s brand JETS AIR PRO, along with his expertise in technology and strategic business solutions, will ensure that the organization will meet the goals set by the board of directors.

Carlo L. Bautista


Seasoned and highly self-motivated IT Director and Product manager with 15 plus years of hands-on IT Systems. He served as the President of TechSite America, a Computer Technology Consulting firm. As the youngest IT Director, he headed the integration of the IT Systems of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS] in Chicago, Illinois which is the third largest school district in the United States.  Overseeing 638 schools, including 476 elementary schools and 162 high schools.

He specialized in Project Management and Business Analysis experience with implementing best practices and methodologies, and in leading, designing, and developing innovative business and technical solutions of various scalability and usability within Chicago Public Schools, the Texas Education Agency and top educational companies including Pearson Education, Scholastic Inc, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and McGraw Hill Education.

A Business Administration major from La Salle University, Philadelphia PA and Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ. Carlo will build a dedicated, action-oriented employees base and executive team by instilling a culture of open dialogue and collaborative problem resolution that fosters confidence and trust with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure business continuity and corporate success.

Showkot Hassan

Chief Technology Officer

Showkot has over 21 years in the Information Technology Industry specializing in New Product Introduction (NPI) methodology, taking an idea from an initial working prototype to a full scale thoroughly refined and reproducible final product. Throughout his career, he has built a solid track record of success in establishing high performing teams, defining organizational structure, and developing talent. He has demonstrated a history of leading complex engineering projects with high-level of efficiency and on-time delivery.

As an executive leader, he established a metrics-driven organization and maintained ownership of robotics business service strategy, quality assurance, control and a proven track record leading cross-functional teams to drive and deliver robotic customer experience-focused outcomes.  Led voice-of-customer (VOC) research and represent the VOC in all cross-functional development and product life cycle efforts from global Quality and Service point of view and involved in all phases of strategic partnership including origination, early analysis and screening, structuring, and due diligence.

Showkot has a Masters degree in Engineering Technology from Purdue University. A Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University  and a Bachelors Degree in Computer science and Engineering from ShabJalal University of Science and Engineering. He will ensure the success of all phases of strategic partnership including origination, early analysis, and improving overall productivity by cultivating close relationships with global factories, key suppliers, and marketing organizations.

Mihail Dan Hagiiani

Environmental Technology Director

A Technical Engineer for the railway transportation network, National Railway Company, Bucharest, Romania. He has coordinated the Business Activities and support of the Railway transportation. He likewise served as the Technical Manager and Project manager for AICO S.R.L. AICO S.R.L , Bucharest, Romania

Commissioned  the Maintenance Business of the Industrial and Commercial HVAC-R Design. He likewise served as a Technical manager and Project Manager for FRESH AIR S.A. FRESH AIR S.A. Bucharest, Romania on Industrial and Commercial HVAC-R. His experience ranges from Project Management for IDC CONSORZIO, MESTRE, Italy IDC Consorzio, Mestre Italy Naval construction and maintenance for Fincantieri and Chanters de l’Atlantique. He is also a Technical Consultant for AMTEH Intl. S.R.L. and SMART CLIMA S.R.L. commissioning the Maintenance Business of Industrial and Commercial HVAC-Designs.

Dan is a graduate of Bucharest Polytechnic Institute, Mechatronics, Thermic engines and Polytechnic Institute-Bucharest, Mechatronics Faculty. on Thermic engines, HVAC-R and General automation.

Dale Duggan

Technical Director

Dale has over 8 years of meticulous networking and systems operating troubleshooting skills. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management from California Baptist University, his certifications include: Microsoft Systems Engineer (MCSE certified), CCNA, CCNP, and Linux. Dale has technical experience using different types of hardware from IBM, Cisco, Fortigate, Dell PowerEdge, HP/3Com switches, Adtran, NAS, SCSI/DDS tape drives, and RAID. He has expertise in network technology and a wide range of software operating systems. Dale’s associated companies include: Techsite America, City of Rialto CA, National Tax, Speaker Craft Inc., San Bernardino International Airport, Utility Trailer Sales Co., and Windsor Art Inc.

Mary Vino-DeGuzman

Regional Sales Director (Qualified Area)

Mary Vino-DeGuzman, a Nurse and an Entrepreneur adds a medical/healthcare component to the Jets Air Pro team. An alumna of Seton Hall University College of Nursing, she brings with her 22 years of experience in the Nursing field; as an Oncology Nurse and Assistant Nurse Manager. Mary is recognized for her effective leadership, interpersonal skills, clinical knowledge, and team management experience. Prior to joining the company, she was the Founder and CEO of her own business in elder care services, At Home Serenity Care, LLC. The Residential Care facility had an outstanding state record and was well-recognized and highly recommended in the community. Mary’s empathetic leadership and compassion for the health of others is a valuable asset to our business when building connections between people, professionally and personally.

Brad Reeves

Regional Sales Director (Qualified Area)

Brad is a dedicated Sales Professional with over 25 years experience and has a proven performance history spearheading company growth. He started his career as a sales representative for Manufacturing Rep agencies providing high quality products to the construction industry, aligning with both manufacturers and distributors. Brad is the founder of Reliable Sourcing in Florida, which specializes in supplying construction and building products. Brad takes pride in the loyal relationships he has developed over the years with key architects, engineers, and contractors on various commercial projects throughout the Southeast territories in the US and Caribbean.


The Mission of JETS Inc. is to help improve the quality of indoor living through delivery of essential ecosystem services, such as clean air, food and water.

We are an Environmental Technology Company specializing in the Management of Resources and Mitigation of Indoor Pollution through the use of multiple and more effective Air Sanitizers and commercial cleaning equipment that is enhanced with the addition of UVC light and Ionizers.

Our different appliances and commercial cleaning equipment utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) technology through the use of sensors, Laser Radar Navigation, computers, cell phones and existing Wi-Fi. A technology vital to the automation of businesses and the set up of smart homes.

We offer Time and Material Consulting Services on Indoor Pollution Mitigation to retail stores, restaurants, schools, libraries, malls, theaters, stadiums, private and government establishments. Our services include the design and installation of Integrated systems of Air Sanitizers, Purifiers, and HEPA filters based on the client’s needs and requirements.


The Vision of the Company is to expand to a full blown Environmental Technology Company specializing in the management of resources and mitigation of indoor pollution.

In order to realize this vision, the Company strives to maintain consumer satisfaction and attract additional consumers within the Company’s targeted marketplace by creating value for them through a wide variety of highly effective air purifiers and commercial cleaning equipment at a great price. The Company seeks to innovate new and in-demand air sanitization ideas, grow profits through innovative management and work toward expansion through new market segments.


Keeping in line with the Mission of the Company, JETS Inc. values integrity, transparency and excellence in all aspects of our business. These values allow the Company to build trust and loyalty with consumers and shareholders, creating a foundation for the successful future of the Company.

Business Model

The JETS Inc. Business Model consists of a multi-source revenue model. The Company anticipates deploying a marketing and advertising campaign across a variety of market channels, which supports the following business model implementation.

Equipment Leasing

JETS Inc. provides leasing our equipment through our partnership with Brickhouse Capital. Leasing our equipment allows customers to acquire our products with a smaller up-front payment followed by monthly payments.

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