Air Purifier and Disinfection Robot

Features of the Air Purifier and Disinfection Robot

The Air Purifier and Disinfection Robot takes mobile robot platform as the carrier and is equipped with an intelligent application module. The robot self-navigation technology and AI environment recognition technology is applied to plan the path and judge the disinfection time required by the working environment to achieve one-stop disinfection management.

  • Main Use is for Air Disinfection, Performs 360° air disinfection in public environments
  • Safe to Operate in a Human Environment, the machine can co-exist safely with people in the area
  • Intelligent Application – smart disinfection, autonomous navigation, autonomous route planning
  • Broad Spectrum Elimination – Sterilization Rate 99.99%, completes the disinfection job of 1000 square meters in about 100 minutes
  • Multi-Purification Method – UVC light, Photocatalyst, Negative Ion, HEPA Filter Mesh, Honeycomb Ceramic Filter
  • Real-Time Monitoring – Detects the harmful gases such as TVOC/formaldehyde in the air and accelerates the disinfection work in auto mode

Air Purifier and Disinfection Robot Applications

Office Buildings



Airports, Transportation Areas

Shopping Malls

Entertainment Venues

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