Intelligent Ultraviolet Disinfection and Sterilization Robot

The ultraviolet disinfection robot takes mobile robot platform as the carrier, and is equipped with intelligent pulse ultraviolet disinfection module, which can realize the requirement of 360° non-dead corner disinfection of public space air. At the same time, robot self-navigation technology and AI environment recognition technology can be used to automatically plan the path and judge the disinfection time required by the working environment, so as to achieve one-stop disinfection management.

To ensure the air health in public places, it is very important for the public to create a comfortable, clean and hygienic environment.

Ultraviolet disinfection robot uses short-wave UVC ultraviolet to disinfect and sterilize bacteria. Within a few minutes, DNA and RNA of bacteria are destroyed and killed, which can effectively achieve the elimination effects. After testing, with the high level disinfection mode, it can achieve 99.99% killing effects for the spores on the environmental surface (smooth surface, rough porous surface) and various drug-resistant bacteria, completely meets the high level disinfection requirements.

With the mobile robot as the carrier, for the environmental surface and air with the autonomous mobile multi-point disinfection, it takes about 100 minutes to complete the 1000 square meters of the overall disinfection work.

UV Disinfection Robot Applications

Office Buildings



Airports, Transportation Areas

Shopping Malls

Entertainment Venues

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